TUM Station Wendelstein

David Nowicki
Rocco Kossat

In order to provide a place for contemplation, study and workshops, as well as team-building events for employees of the TUM an Alpine Retreat should be designed. The Hut is located at a hight of 1430m on the Wendelstein Mountain (1838m), a part of the Bavarian Alps. Due to its elevated position, it provides extensive views but also intense exposure to sun and weather. The new building should house accommodation for about 25 people and include a multifunctional meeting area. A variety of usage possibilities as seminars or team-building workshops for academic institutions should be considered. The challenge will be to fit the building into the surroundings, minimize the impact on the environment, and to develop an efficient construction method that can be applied in this environment.

The shape of the building is to be derived from the alpine hut, which adapts slightly modified to the weather and environmental conditions.
The functions can be divided into two categories: living and learning. By implementing this duality it should be readable and interwoven in the interior. Different private zones are to be created, which are connected with the smallest possible amount of traffic area. The peculiarity of the rooms is created by targeted views, the play of narrow and wide and the separation by height differences. „An architecture that values materials, energy, light, visual relationships, room and air quality. An architecture in which all these themes are synergetically interwoven.“ The open roof structure gives a significant spatial experience and directs the view of the Wendelstein mountain station As a connecting element, the airspace over both floors creates a view through the building onto the Wendelstein. The displayed constructive details enhances the understanding of the building structure. The View towards wendelstein is enforced by the framework of the Timberkonstruction and the inlay that has a positive impact on sound propagation. The sanitary facilities are combined on the mountain side.
Technology as the centerpiece of a TUM building.“ With the premise of offering the right conditions for different occasions, the uildingtechnology is always presented.

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