Design decision support system for integration of AMC

Chao Li

This research focuses in the development of a design decision support system in the context of Additive Manufacturing in Construction (AMC). The system supports the architects and engineers for the integration of additive manufacturing (AM vs conventional, feasibility of specific AM method) through visual and textural feedback, recommendations and advise on design change.

Project information: This research is a sub project of the Collaborative Research Centre TRR 277: ‚Additive Manufacturing in Construction – The Challenge of Large Scale‘. DDSS for AMC is WP1 of C04 – ‚Integrating Digital Design and Additive Manufacturing through BIM-Based Decision Support and Digital Twin Methods‘.
Background: Additive manufacturing (AM) has been widely applied in different fields: automotive and aerospace industries, prototyping and tool making in metal engineering and medical technology. However, AM in large-scale construction is still at its early age. On the one hand, the conventional casting technique requires extensive onsite work by pouring ready-mix concrete into formwork and is time-consuming. On the other hand, conventional subtractive manufacturing approaches limits the freedom of form and is economically expensive. To this end, application of AM in construction eliminates the necessity of conventional formwork and relives the form finding process.
Work details: Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodology has been investigated intensively in terms of design and construction using conventional methods, but little research has been conducted in terms of AMC. From this point, this research aims to develop a decision support system which facilitates the selection of specific construction methods (AM vs conventional, among multiple AM methods) with respect to each building component. A corresponding expert system which integrates both hard rules and experts‘ experience should be established, to infer the design change of decision making. Such a design decision support system is planned to be implemented on a BIM authoring system.

BIM based design decision making for AMC
A knowledge based system analyzes the design and infers changes for integration of AM methods.
Design Decision Support System for the integration of Additive Manufacturing
This system supports the architects in choosing appropriate AM processes when developing a building design