the hidden area – activating potentials

Pinar Sel
Malaz Attar
Nachhaltige Entwicklung von Stadt und Land

Athens is a city living over the centuries, where topological and spatial characteristics of the ancient city can be found in the urban fabric today. The project area Kerameikos – Metaxourgio is a field of investigation of urban processes, a mixture of social groups, building typologies and economic activities. The studio’s subject was to analyse factors contributing to the area’s situation and extract the potential of housing, tourism and shared economies. Also, to investigate the existing building stock, the derelicts and the public space and evaluate the drivers of change for the area. In other words, to propose a sustainable urban regeneration in an area which is a social melting pot, taking into consideration the assets of the past, and how to transform them into a dynamic, productive and liveable quarter for the future.

Unlike its neighbouring districts, Metaxourgeio didn’t participate in the rapid growth of Athens in the 70s to the 90s, although it lies adjacent to the historical center. The area was an industrial area whicht was later moved to the north after a change of legislation. In addition, the area is surrounded by wide highways, which make access more difficult; the area can be read as an island on the map.

Today, although there are many open spaces, they don’t offer any real quality for the residents, mainly because of social problems, such as drugs and prostitution, leading to a lack of safe areas for families or children. Based on the list of positive and negative aspects, we came up with the concept of bringing in new actors to the area who will offer a sense of safety to open spaces and streets and at the same time to create jobs and become socially active with their commitment. We chose three different generations to contribute to the development. The FabLab is a public building and can support the meeting of people. New actors act together with the new functions and the residents: for example, the old people can take care of the children while the parents are at work. With their commitment, the students can help the elderly. The elderly can exercise for their health. All young people in the area have the opportunity to develop something in the FabLab with the students. Children can paint and tinker in the FabLab. Visitors can come to the cafe and experience a different kind of work atmosphere.

Map of potentials and unused spaces
Munich 2020. Riemer Tassilo, Sel Pinar and Attar Malaz
Evolution diagrams of functions and spaces
Munich 2020. Riemer Tassilo, Sel Pinar and Attar Malaz
Site Plan of intervention area
Munich 2020. Riemer Tassilo, Sel Pinar and Attar Malaz
Concept model of unused and spaces of potential
Munich 2020. Riemer Tassilo, Sel Pinar and Attar Malaz
Model of the interventions
Munich 2020. Riemer Tassilo, Sel Pinar and Attar Malaz