Cultural Dialogue

Entwerfen, Umbau und Denkmalpflege

Inspired in the architecture of the Italian palazzos, the project looks to set a dialogue between the inside of the building and the urban context in where the university is located. The common spaces in the building acquire an important role in the project as social points creating a continuous connection around the building and opening to the outside. It is between this continuous space where the Architekturinstitut program of the project is completed in two new floors.

The TU München is located in a privileged cultural spot in the city of Munich, where many important museums of the city are. The project is an extension “aufstocken” of the Architekturinsitut in the main entrance building, which is located in Arcisstraße and facing the Alte Pinakothek. It is because of this important context, that the project looks to create a dialogue between the building and the context. To create this dialogue, the project is inspired in the Italian architecture of the palazzos, where the use of the connection space and the loggias where used to connect the inside of the building with the urban context.
Entering from Arcistraße, the central courtyard of the building acts at the moment as a going through point to acces the main building. The project proposes to give this courtyard a more important role by changing its flooring for a colourful ceramic floor which gives it more strength and also to use this courtyard as a direct access to the Architekturinstitut on the top floors by adding a staircase around it.
The extension of the columns in the courtyard allows the building to have new inner galleries around the courtyard to access every floor on the building and have a direct connection with the courtyard.
The fourth floor contains the two new chairs and the conference area, which, by the use of pilasters on the walls and groin vaults on the ceiling, are connected with the outside arches and the inner courtyard.
The fifth floor contains the office space and the exhibition area, which with is directly connected with the conference area. The big common space on the inner part of the floor, around the courtyard, allows its use both to create a social area, by the addition of some furniture, and also its use as a continuation of the exhibition area by the use of sliding panels for temporary exhibitions and hanging students work.
The outter loggia around this two new floors creates a dialogue with the urban context and also several viewpoints from different parts of the building.

Isometric detail
Isometric detail of a corner of the building
Interior Image - Courtyard
Interior image of the access courtyard
Interior Image - Gallery
Interior Image of the inner gallery in the 4th floor
4th floorplan
Floorplan of the 4th floor where the two chairs and the conference area are located
Section of the building by the inner courtyard
Elevation of the building from Arcistrasse