A symbiosis between built and surrounding greenery

Restaurierung, Kunsttechnologie und Konservierungswissenschaft

„The project pays particular attention to a symbiosis between the complex and the surrounding urban and landscape structure. To this end, the system of accesses from the city and the relationship with the surrounding greenery is studied in particular.
The insertion of contemporary architectural elements within the complex is clear and at the same time discreet, as is the treatment proposed for the frescoes.
The extensive use of the section as a tool for architectural and urban planning allows greater control over the articulation of spaces, which responds well to the desire to make them multifunctional and flexible.“
(Guest Critic Luca Zevi)

To bring the monastery closer to the population, I decided to establish a multifunctional center. This is equipped with exhibition halls and public reading rooms on the ground floor, and cultural and music classrooms on the top floor.
The provision of these activities would give the building greater public traffic, and would provide educational activities to the population.
To restore the quiet and isolated character of the monastic building, I decided to cover the courtyard. This is made out of a light steel pergola, through which the plants could grow to create a vegetal filter between the interior and exterior. This filter would block the view of the residential block from inside the courtyard. What provides the public with a feeling of disconnection from the rest of the city when walking through it.
To reduce the impact of theis intervention on the Monastery, I decided to give direct support to the structure of the covering on the monastery’s roof rather than at footings. This covering, also, is going to protect the interior facades from the direct solar radiation. Further to this, the covering is fully reversible.
Since the monastery does not relate well to its surroundings, the street located at its left is deemd to become pedestrianized and the accesses in the existing wall will be fully opened. This, apart from connecting the building with the urban area, also reduces the noise emitted by the cars that are currently circulating.

The Geometrical Survey
Analyzing the modern city skyline with respect to the ancient Monastery
The works of addition
with respect to the built
The works of addition
with respect to the green areas
The green shelter
A series of shelters was installed to create and re-create pathways of greenery
The protective green shelter
A shelter was installed upon the courtyard to protect frescoes. This is fully reversible