Vortex: A Regenerative Environmental Design

Divya Pilla
Green Technologies in Landscape Architecture

Vortex as a concept
Vortex is a consuming structure growing bigger and bigger. Centre is calmer and force is higher as you move away from it.

Vortex as a choreography
An interesting choreography can be created in a vortex and perceived as an analogy in this design. If we consider growth of trees being the vortex, our experience in the vortex is the choreography. Though it has more or less a definite shape, the movement is situational (environmental factors), so is the experience of the user.

Vortex as an “Intergenerational” Walk to Remember
The vortex represents the journey of a generation overlaid by continuation of generations. It also represents the complexities within itself, but the vortexes are directional as well.

Why Vortex? Why Vortex in Bangalore?
A regenerative design is a design process that creates an area that is sustainable on its self, it’s restored through time and creates an ecosystem in itself inviting other species to live in its habitus. In the city of Bangalore, a network of lakes that existed still in the ‘70s was destroyed by time and even the many green areas were replaced by concrete construction in period of 50 years. Vortex is an idea of a regenerative expansion of green areas into the city of Bangalore.

How Vortex?
A Toolbox of Rules was created through the exploration of the key species of the Ficus Bengalensis, Phoenix Sylvestris and Bambusa Multiplex. This toolbox consists out of the Rules of Growth
of these species, the Space Densities
that could be created, the Combinations of Growth
of same or different of the key species, the Rules of User Experience and Movements
, as well as the Rules of Densities and the Rules of Manipulations and Shaping

of the key species.
All the above Analysis of Rules helped us to use them on a specific site after its definition. Important purpose

Site & Program
Choosing a transition site in central Bangalore that is part of a green area and can work as a connection between to larger residential and working offices areas (Koramangala and Indhiranagar), serves the intention to experience an interesting green urban catalyser to walk through.
Spatially, the concept is translated into the key species referred above that growing and observed over the next 60 years and there is a number of curved ramps in a variation of a width 4-6 meters in different heights of 3 to 16 meters.
A notational system was created to show the densities and activities development over time in plans and sections. Gardening, voluntary and educational programs are integrating for the development and preservation of the vortex, as well as the involvement of the local community.

Concept of Expansion
Bangalore state
government has given an order of no construction
up to 75m around the lake property. This distance is increased to 180 meters through the years and vortexes are developed next to lakes, in abandoned green areas or even empty lands. Vortexes are the hope of a regenerative breathable ecosystem for the city of Bangalore.