Mentally Urban Magazine #3

Konzept und Durchführung : Dr. Dorothee Rummel, Dr. Norbert Kling
Nachhaltige Entwicklung von Stadt und Land

How does an urban setting affect our psyche? Do mental conditions influence urban decision-making? Why is contact a key component when it comes to thinking about the correlation between urban design and public mental health?
The joint work on this magazine provided students in architecture and urbanism with the possibility to explore areas which intersect with the discipline of public mental health, develop new ideas, change perceptions, engage with others, and critically reflect on architecture and urbanism. This is pre-requisite for the developing of a better understanding of the complex and often contradictory processes that shape our urban environments and cities, as well as the controversies that emerge from them and are in this sense of broader concern.

The #3 Issue is all about the topic contact. „Contact“ is closely related to the making of connections. Most obviously, this includes connections between human beings, but also between humans and non-humans like institutions, legislation, ideas, or the spatial arrangements that pre-structure everyday actions. In our everyday lives, we experience environments in which we may establish new connections more easily than in others, and we notice that there are differences in ‘connecting ourselves’ to a given space or environment. The making, or un-making of contacts and connections is an essential part of our social lives and in this sense, influences our psychological state and well-being.
The contributions in this issue are focused on three broadly conceived areas – confronting loneliness, crossing the threshold, and towards community. The authors explore different formats, modes of enquiry and presentation as part of their engagement with their chosen field of interest. The diversity of contributions demonstrates that multiple connections from within the spatial and design related disciplines can be made and that it is a rewarding undertaking to shed light on existing and new connections/disconnections.

Mentally Urban Magazine #2 shows a very different perspective on contact: contact in times of corona.

Mentally Urban #3 | Cover
München 2020. Layout and editing: Prayudi Sudiarto, Spyridon-Nektarios Koulouris
Part I | Confronting Loneliness
München 2020. Photo by P. Sudiarto.
Part II | Crossing Thresholds
München 2020. Photo by Spyridon-Nektarios Koulouris
Part III | Towards Community
München 2020. Photo by Spyridon-Nektarios Koulouris