Dimensions. Journal of Architectural Knowledge

Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig
Katharina Voigt

»Dimensions. Journal of Architectural Knowledge« is an international, academic journal initiated in the context of the BauHow5 and an extended network, which focuses on the constitution and conveying of knowledge and the diversity of research perspectives in architecture.

»Dimensions. Journal of Architectural Knowledge« was initiated by Prof. Uta Graff, Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig, and Katharina Voigt at the Technical University of Munich with the aim to enlarge the scientific network and to create a framework for divers perspectives of research in architecture and to explicitly address the constitution, conveyance and multiple forms of architectural knowledge. It is an international, academic, and peer-reviewed journal, which on the one hand annually releases two curated editions, both in print and open access, and on the other hand hosts an open platform for open access publications on the superordinate objective of the body of knowledge in architecture. The overarching aim of the journal is to address design as the core of the architecture discipline and to investigate the creation, constitution, and mediation of architectural knowledge. Methodologies, processes and ways of working to achieve and maintain this knowledge are investigated with particular attention to the plurality of formats and procedures, aiming to include ways of working, methods, and results both from practice and research. The title refers to the multidirectional impacts and subject areas of the architecture discipline, including architectural design, construction and technology, landscape architecture, urban planning and design, history and theory of architecture as well as affinities to other fields of interdisciplinary investigation.

»Research Perspectives in Architecture«, issue 01/2021, edited by Katharina Voigt, Uta Graff and Ferdinand Ludwig, explores different lines of enquiry with specific focus on their methodology. Design-based, reflexive, qualitative, experience-based, archival and interdisciplinary perspectives are investigated.

»Spatial Dimensions of Moving Experience«, issue 02/2022, edited by Katharina Voigt and Virginie Roy, explores the movements triggered by spatial, situational, and corporeal experiences and the sensations of being moved. Practitioners and scholars from various disciplines present theoretical, applied and practice-related forms of research to enrich the discourse of architecture and its versatile dimensions.

»Species of Theses an Other Pieces«, issue 03/2022, edited by Meike Schalk, Torsten Lange, Andreas Putz, and Tijana Stevanovic, takes George Perec’s love for playing with forms, genres, and arrangements as its template to discuss practice-oriented research. Processes, procedures, and results of knowledge creation and practice are esteemed coequally, with particular attentiveness to the architectural design and epistemologies of aesthetic practice and research.

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Research Perspectives in Architecture – Release of the first issue of Dimensions. Journal of Architectural Knowledge:


Dimensions. Journal of Architecturla Knowledge, Issue 01/2021
Research Perspectives in Architecture
Dimensions. Journal of Architectural Knowledge
Interview with the initiators Katharina Voigt, Uta Graff, and Ferdinand Ludwig
Research Perspectives in Architecture
Release of the first issue of Dimensions. Journal of Architectural Knowledge