Raumkunst und Lichtgestaltung

The new public gymnasium to be built in Munich introduces a new concept of learning inspired by a novel Scandinavian pedagogical concept. The new structure foresees a project-based collaboration, aims to change the conventional role between the teacher and the pupils by building a more non- confrontational relationship between them. As a consequence, to the modern program, new building structures and architecture proposals are needed that can best fit the needs of the new era of how we design learning environments.

The new school is situated at a part of Munich known as Berg am Laim, at the intersection of Innsbrucker Ring and Schülsselberg Street. The site is on one side characterized by an urban mixed-use area with multi-story buildings while on the other side, the Fehwiesenstraße is surrounded by a relatively large park area. The new design proposes a structure that creates a transition from a large urban scale of the adjacent residential building to the two smaller daycare structures which need to be preserved.

Through graded rooftops, the structure levels down from five stories to one. The resulting rooftops of the polygonal building are connected by wooden staircases and serve as a playground that can also be accessed by everyone at all times. This linear circulation outside the building is reflected in the floor plans inside. Through the main hall where the pedagogical center and the cafeteria are situated, a linear staircase connects all for zones with each other creating a second parallel circulation. From each zone to change from one circulation to the other, the glazed openings are used; these also allow access to the rooftops. The building can, in this way, be walked through at all its levels through both systems and strengthens this way the inside-outside relationship of the spaces. The building is placed parallel to the Innsbruckerring in a way that allows for a small plaza to be created where the entry is positioned. The plaza is not only the arrival point but invites as well the community and the city to be part of the school and extends furthermore to the main playground that connects the nursery with the new building. The unfenced structure sets a landmark and welcomes the community to be part of the overall complex.