What are our methods of teaching and training?

In this theme room we deal with the development and change of teaching and training. Is a rethinking of current architectural theory necessary? Are students being driven into the mass production of the design throwaway society by simple copy+paste? Are we being trained to a compulsion for perfection? And is the orientation towards so-called starchitects still up-to-date?

Digital teaching has never been more visible and up-to-date than this semester. We have seen that education can certainly be independent of location. But at what cost? How effective and practical is working and designing together at a distance? It has quickly become clear that many people miss the connection to the community and the personal exchange with one another. Because we do not only learn in seminars, lectures, through research and projects, but especially from each other. In DesignBuild projects, the theoretical part of the teaching is translated into practice, the students’ design is put into practice, and thus the reality of building is fundamentally conveyed to them.

The importance of communication and cooperation is demonstrated through interdisciplinary courses. New digital working methods such as BIM enable a more accurate and faster exchange of information. But how will teaching and training develop through the permanent use of digital tools? Will digitization continue to advance in the future? It is already clear that analogue design cannot be completely replaced.
Anna from the #AJA20Team

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