What are future housing concepts?

The update does not stop at the most private retreat of every human being. Our home, in which we stay every day, which is an important constant in our lives, must adapt to constantly changing life situations and social circumstances. Terms such as redensification, sustainability and future viability are raised again and again in this context. But how is the way we live changing? What new demands do we place on future living situations? How do we define living for ourselves, as a society? How do we WANT to live?

Tight. Collective. Collaborative. Sufficient. In this theme room we show works that deal with the development of sustainable forms of living. An architecture for people in combination with the responsible use of space. The city as a permanent center of life and place of residence is becoming increasingly attractive for many families, couples and singles. As expected, the shortage of living space is one of the biggest challenges facing architects today. Our living space must be continuously adapted and restructured in a contemporary way.

Flexible structures and adaptable spaces are often brought in as solutions. New forms of living are innovatively developing the way we live together; the focus is put increasingly on social interaction. Sustainable housing will promote social exchange and togetherness.

Field research and experimental rooms are used to analyze forms of new living within the existing structure. A residential building is designed on top of a central bus station, apartment prototypes are proposed and even ruins come back to life.
Anna from the #AJA20Team

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