Philomena Vida

The aim of the project, MIX IT UP, in Accra, the capital of Ghana, is to create a living environment for the local people that works now and in the distant future – at both private and public level – and adapts to the habits of the people in every area. Hence the name “HABITAT +”.

It is important for us to emphasize the connection to the sea, which is a defining element of the location. The orientation of the building volumes, in the direction of the wind coming from the south-west, has a positive effect on the cross-ventilation of the apartments and creates a pleasant indoor climate. By the arrangement of the buildings in combination with the hierarchies of use, we create outdoor spaces that not only differ in size along the length of the house, but also create privacy. With the help of this flexible structure, we create sustainable living space with the aim of meeting the individual needs of local families. Our design team developed modular apartment sizes for two people, which can be changed over the years by adding or removing additional bedrooms. The apartment and apartment size structure is managed by a cooperative within the building complex, which in future will consist of tenants and owners. For this reason, the dimensioning of the main service rooms – kitchen and bathroom – works for both the smallest and the largest apartment. The interrelationship between inside and outside, private and public, is a central theme in our design, which we have elaborated by providing access to each apartment through a common pergola. On the semi-private, secondary level, a meeting point between the families living there and a place for connecting, everyday activities, such as cooking, will be created. The following floor plans show the switchability, which is generated exclusively by opening and closing doors. In addition, the smaller apartments have useful storage niches in the entrance areas of the switchable rooms, such as a larder near the kitchen and a cupboard next to the bathroom.

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Gesamtgebäudekomplex mit Umgriff
Grundriss 5-Zimmer Wohnung_individuelle Schaltbarkeit
Alle 4 Schlafzimmer dazugeschaltet
Grundriss 1-Zimmer Wohnung_individuelle Schaltbarkeit
keine der 4 Schlafzimmer dazugeschaltet
durch alle 3 Häuser und Höfe
Materialität und Aufbau des Apartmentgeschosses
Ziegel, Beton, Putz, Holz, Bambus