Build And Go

Prayudi Sudiarto
Ginnya Pryscilla
Architectural Informatics

Public participation is an important issue that is faced by almost every city around the globe. “Build&Go” is a communication tool between city planners and citizens. Public participation helps the citizen to speak their ideas of living and it helps city planners to understand the need of the city. With Build&GO, we want to correlate and provide this communication level for every citizen in a fun way through their phone.

Build&GO is a public participatory app that references the game elements of PokémonGO and Augmented Reality (AR) technology to collect 3D items in the city that are provided through collaboration between event organizers and the app developer. Users can use them with the AR technology on empty slots or public spaces that pointed by the city. The goal is to have a picture of the citizen’s demand for their need in their area. Also to encourage people to walk more for the better health of the community. The application works when the user is on a movement below 15 km/h. It will notify users about ongoing projects located near them, either some events to collect items or the places to be creative and design on empty slots or public spaces nearby. Users would be asked for their interests to provide individualize the shown point of interest on the “Pick & Collect” map. Where users would be notified when ongoing events nearby are happening, first to endorse those events, second to encourage people to move by collecting some special items at the event. By designing or giving their ideas through “Create / Upgrade” with their collected items, users are rewarded then, with some points in exchange for e.g coupons from collaborated companies and event organizers. The Idea is to implementing a point system as a currency to bargain in the reward system. As a reward, the user could use their points to exchange with Virtual City Tours or even coupons. To market this app, some collaboration should be made with event organizers and daily consumer companies to attract citizens.

Build and Go
München 2020