Urban Design

By creating the Wohnfest in the course of the central thesis “Future Theresienwiese”, a compromise was sought between the development of the Theresienwiese as a temporary living space and the preservation of its use as a recreational and green space. As a counterpart to the Oktoberfest, the Wohnfest creates a different atmosphere and attraction on the Theresienwiese. The experimental settlement that can be redesigned every year. Not only the participants of the festival benefit from this, but also the neighboring districts and the whole city of Munich.

The new division of space at Theresienwiese focuses more on the recreational and leisure value of the open space. The city of tomorrow depends on these values. In times of increasingly extreme climatic conditions and with a view to a post-pandemic society, open spaces in the city will experience a revolution and will be needed more urgently than ever.

In this sense, the southern part of the Theresienwiese will be reserved entirely for sports grounds and an extension of the green space in the form of a connection to the Bavariapark. The lawns for sunbathing on the eastern edge of the area must also remain free during the festivities.
The newly created areas are supplied by the long, permeable “Sport-Riegel”, which, in addition to a rental service for sports equipment, even includes a sauna and changing rooms. The small skate park in the south offers a lot more than what is currently available on the Theresienwiese and even has a circular roof for rainy days.

The large “Schau-Regal” is the central point of contact and serves as storage for the components of all festivals. It rises into the Munich skyline and shows what it contains through its translucent facade: Not only the tents of the Oktoberfest or the components of the Wohnfest, but also seminar rooms, a café and a fantastic view of the Alps from the publicly accessible roof terrace.

Starting from the “Schau-Regal”, the Wohnfest spreads every year a little differently on the area of ​​the Theresienwiese. It depends entirely on which new, experimental living approaches are to be tested or which motto the previous generation of the Wohnfest has come up with. Participating in the Wohnfest does not just mean having a preferred residential area for six months and paying little rent. But also to actively participate in community life and bring your own ideas into common living visions. This is where the living of tomorrow is to be created. That and the image polish gained by making the Wohnfest possible make the festival attractive for the city of Munich as well.

The draft shows how the festival could be organized. The division into small villages, the so-called interest clusters, is one way of attracting a wide range of participants. This mixture of interests also promotes the results achieved by the experimental co-living of the Wohnfest.

More details on https://leoniekopp6.wixsite.com/wohnfest.

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