Architectural Design and Construction

Like many old towns, the touristic highly frequented South Tyrolean inner cities, suffer from the increasing withdrawal of their residents. The circumstances, on which the common phenomenon is based in this special case, were analyzed in group. In the process, key topics were found to which architectural individual architectural answers were sought.

This project deals with the renovation and transformation of a typical urban unit of the historical town-center. The special typology of the connected townhouses is based on a historic grid of around 5m width (front facade) and up to 75m depth. The south-facing, high-rising dormers, so called “light-domes”, illuminate the buildings into their depth. This existing “light-dome” of the front building is being led down to the ground floor and opens into the newly created public passage, which connects the city center with the second row, lengthways through the entire building. Commercial spaces are connected to the passage in order to enliven the building into its depth. The former stable building at the rear of the plot, which has been returned to its historic ground floor, is expanded by two newly created floors. The concept of the building is to orient on the qualities of the front-building. Qualities are attempted to be reinterpreted and translated into the present.
In direct comparison with the local competitor model, the peripherally situated, detached single- to multi-family house, an enormous catalog of arguments favouring the preservation and revitalization of this special typology.

Längsschnitt, Erdgeschoss
Abbruch, Neubau
Gemeinschaftsraum, Wohnung