Tutti. Ein Flussbad an der Isar

Architectural Design and Conception

In steadily growing cities such as Munich, public space is becoming increasingly scarce. Due to the current land policy and the associated lucrative increase in capital as well as the ongoing commercialization of our inner cities, in particular consumption-free public space is steadily gaining in importance.
In the semester that lay behind me, I dealt with the task of creating a place for the community where it can perceive it. »Tutti« – A river bath on the Isar should offer the possibility to use the river as part of everyday life in different ways, to spend time alone as well as together.

The basic idea of ​​the resulting building is to create a layer that mediates between the two sides of the Große and Kleine Isar. It shows the existing qualities of the natural area at this point and meets the different needs of all residents. For this purpose, an elongated horizontal bar was developed, which forms a spatial layer on the urban side of the Große Isar and appears closed to the outside. The bar takes on both separating and connecting tasks, as the solid structure increasingly dissolves from the outside to the inside. Swimming pools, a diving platform and sheltered lounges are adjacent to the bar. Furthermore, a space is being built upstream of the Flussbad area on the northern tip of the Kalkinsel. It also allows visitors outside of the bathing season and offers public space for everyone.
The recumbent body remains on a human scale and creates urbanity with little height and monumentality, but with length. The result is a river-side building, which embodies the movement of swimming and enlivens the west bank of the Kalkinsel.
The massive construction can show its materials and their joints and comes without curtain elements. Outside is inside and inside is outside. Due to the construction method and choice of materials, the building has the opportunity to grow into its surroundings and become part of it.

Fassadenfragment innen zum Schwimmbecken
Arkadengang vor den Umkleiden
Umgebungsmodell, M 1:500
Kalkinsel und Flussbad, Ludwigsbrücke bis Kabelsteg
Grundriss Erdgeschoss mit Sprungturm
Aufsicht Schwimm- und Sprungbecken
Ansicht außen mit Schnitt durch Große Isar
Ansicht Plattform und raumhaltige Wandschicht
Umgebungsmodell, M 1:200
lang gestreckter Riegel, Sprungturm, Pavillon
Außenperspektive Eingangssituation
Durchblick ins Innere