Other City – Munich Walkway

Christian Knezovic
Architectural Design and Participation

For the centrally located property in Munich Sendling, a mixed-used concept is to be developed as an alternative to classical residential construction. The different uses such as living space, infrastructure, culture and business will be combined into a lively place and form a new center.

The aim of the design is to create an attractive area that protects the inhabitants from environmental impacts and connects them with nature and various infrastructure. The urban design is characterized by environmental influences such as noise protection, natural ventilation and solar orientation to create protected areas. The buildings interact with the environment and reinterpret its composition. The concept integrates existing structures and transforms them into a new center. The placement of the buildings creates individually formulated open spaces which are connected by the elevated walkway. This enables communication on different levels. These open spaces act as a link between residential uses, infrastructure and cultural facilities. These contrary usages create an exciting environment which complement each other through their individual advantages.

The central theme of the design is the appropriate distribution of communal areas and the classical housing structures. Each building has a community area of varying size which can be individually designed and gives the residents the opportunity to come into contact with each other. Each housing unit is assigned its own outdoor area, which provides adequate, high-quality space for the residents to retreat.

The cultural facilities consisting of Piano House, Home of Books and Youth Cultural Center offer not only added value for the residents, but also for the whole district of Sendling. The spacious gastronomy areas as well as shopping facilities enliven the area with visitors.