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Architectural Design, Rebuilding and Conservation

Reuse strategies for 70th office buildings of the example of European Patent Office in Munich

This master thesis deals with Architecture of the 1970th. Most of the buildings of this time in Germany can be either demolished or renovated or reused.
The ways how to make the renovation of an old office building economically more attractive for the investors were studied in the theoretical part of the master thesis. The research and design project were developed for European patent office in Munich.
Seven reuse concepts were developed for this building. The costs for reuse and renovation and profit from selling the apartments were calculated. Then it was calculated, which part of the renovation costs could be financed through the profit obtained from selling the apartments.
After comparing the reuse strategies, the optimal one was chosen. The concept of reuse of the south tower for residential one has been developed in the design project as the most optimal strategy.
This design proposal includes not only reuse of the south tower of the European patent office to the residential tower, but also urban improvement of the space around the building.
The north tower should be renovated without changing its appearance to be further used as an office tower. The new facade will be attached to the old one from the inside. The entrance to the office part of the building should be moved and enlarged.
Community spaces were organized for the employees and residents. The space in front of the entrance to European patent office will be the center of the site. Underground car park should be rebuilt for this purpose.
The circulation in the residential tower should be organized based on the original building structure: existing stairs and central corridor. Structure of the south tower will be elongated and partly increased with additional story. A new urban accentuation is made with the additional story.
A variety of apartment types was organized in the residential tower. Apartments are designed in the way, that all the rooms, including bathrooms, have visual connection to the outside and entrance to the balcony. Spaces for storage, washing and drying are organized on each floor in the central part of the tower.
The roof of both towers will be rebuilt to the community spaces for residents and employees. Walking spaces, green areas, small café and sports hall could be found there.
The new facade of residential tower is dominated by two materials: metal and glass. The main has two functions: support for the new steel balconies and space for sanitary installations. It allows to avoid big number of boreholes in concrete slabs.

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