Test planning in Milbertshofen IV

Anastasiia Mitiukova
Urban Design and Housing

Taking on Theodor Fischers path, this project aims to reinforce the existing buildings structure, by increasing the density in the depth of the block. The result is an autonomous form, which reacts to the surrounding and allows to create different characteristics, not only outside but inside too.

Situated beside the church and market square the gradient differentiation between public and private is of importance. The courtyards are of different publicity and can be accessed through passages, which create the addresses.
In the interior this strategy can be experienced in characteristic spacial situations. They differ by their orientation in the building. The stairwells are located in the bending point of the raster and become elements of threshold between the orthogonal and angled structure. Their shape helps to generate entrances into apartments, that makes the overall idea experienceable from the interior.
The apartments are either orientated only to courtyard, or two-sided, connecting the street and the courtyard’s side. In first, the space unfolds diagonally, never revealing the whole. The latter mediates between the orthogonal and diagonal to the back.
The facade seeks for a strong but uniting expression, in which the different sides should still have the possibility to display their qualities. Its color contrasts the church and adds variation to the surrounding. The change between the streets and courtyards facade happens gradually, allowing itself to wrap around the corner and invite inhabitants inside.

Urban strategy
Ground floor
Building organisation
Typical floor plan
Small moment
Courtyard situation
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