Test planning in Milbertshofen III

Andrea Pavkovic
Urban Design and Housing

The urban strategy is recreating the idea of Theodor Fischer while keeping the traces of the 70s with the program and orientation of the central part of the block. The new block is closed and incorporates the existing residential buildings. Nietzschestraße is extending into the block as a pedestrian zone, marked at the end with a residential high-rise.

In the ground floor one can see all the different elements of the building complex coming together – with the most public functions such as the café-bar and the grocery store in the center facing the pedestrian zone, and the gas station and the studios facing the street.
The typical plan offers a variety of buildings with different typologies, different constructions and circulations. Glazed tiles on the facade as a very robust material mark all the areas exposed to public life.

Urban strategy
Model picture
Building organisation
Ground floor
Small moment
High-rise apartment
Small moment
Small moment