Test planning in Milbertshofen II

Liu Zhiwei
Urban Design and Housing

The design is intended to explore the potential of the block as a starting point for various typological ideas, which will be linked together by a communally usable space. This will also serve as a passageway and will be extended in front of the entrances. Thus the passage works not only as an extension of the street network, but also as a daily route for the inhabitants.

By bringing the three different typologies together, they open up a courtyard space, which also becomes a place of urban encounter through the informality of the inner block. In contrast to this, the appearance towards the street is more uniform. The block forms a tolerant unit, both on the physical and social level. The context of the buildings goes beyond the spatial connection and can be understood as part of the city.

Building organisation
Ground floor
Small moment
Apartment Northern building
Small moment
Apartment Southern building
Small moment
Entrance Situation
Facade Southern Building
Facade Model