Test planning in Milbertshofen I

Tsvetana Vasileva
Urban Design and Housing

The project has the intention to provide an enclosed space in the loose area of Milbertshofen, where one gets the impression that the atmosphere is rather rural than urban and it seems a bit like everyone is just passing by, not really feeling the need to stay somewhere.

The new long housing block, sitting in the heart of the site and replacing the previous smaller residential houses, takes the responsibility, to react properly on its both sides, by creating two new courtyards with different qualities: a public, rather noisy and busy one, with workshops and ateliers, and a private, calm and green one on the other side. The existing culture centre and the kindergarten are integrated and activated by getting extensions, that create smaller gaps in-between the buildings and – supported by colonnades as an urban device – form passage-ways and thresholds inviting you from the street to the inside of the block. The shifted courtyard between old and new, as a space of art and production, is adding this missing piece to the city.

Urban strategy
Site plan
Building organisation
Ground floor
Small moment
Garden side