Musterwohnung – St. Quirin 2

Yoonsoon Kim
Kyusoon Choi
Architectural Design and Construction

The future idea of living, which is designed based on a cross between the WFB floor plan and the Brazilian floor plan, will be transported in a model apartment. The model apartment fulfills both living needs and event requirements. The breathing floor plans of the apartment with the flexibility to stare – or no flexible wall is the research goal in the model apartment.

In the Brazilian floor plan for this design, the maid’s living area was separated from the family living area by a shared patio. This gives the two parties privacy. In the family living area there is a narrow anteroom between bedroom and living room. This anteroom, with seating on the outer facade, can serve as an extension for both the bedroom and the living room.

In this design, the common area lying in the middle crosses the narrow access corridor. This keeps the common area spacious e.g. for events, but can also be divided into two zones for different uses of living. All bedrooms have a door that is independent in the vertical direction at the access corridor and at the same time large doors in the horizontal direction, which allow an extension with the anteroom or common area. When living, a child can sleep in the small children’s room opposite the parents’ room and play in the extensive common area (living + dining). Older children can sleep in the large children’s room combined with the anteroom on the other side and have privacy. If the big child moves out, the children’s room can be reduced to a guest room. Then the common room can be extended by the anteroom. In the event of an event, all vestibules can be combined to form a common room. The parents’ room and the kitchen can be opened towards the common room. The event has approximately 50sqm of free space (of a total of 87sqm of living space).

The model apartment is built in a modular design. All load-bearing modules are located in the horizontal axes. In the apartment, the cabinet module with cabinet wings and door is prefabricated. On the outer facade, the facade modules are prefabricated with glazing underlays and a ventilation flap. Floor and roof construction are halved. All components can simply be assembled next to each other on site. The construction is also suitable for multi-storey apartments. The natural cross ventilation is possible by crossing the entire depth of the apartment. The kitchen and wet room on the outer facade do not need an additional mechanical ventilation system.

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