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Organization – the AJA Team

AJA 2020 was organized by master students in the seminar “Architektur Jahresausstellung” headed by Prof. Andres Lepik. We were assisted by the Anna Partenheimer and Katharina Voigt (representatives of the Mittelbau), who helped us to develop the topic of the exhibition and to organize the supporting program. During the seminar we divided into three working groups.

Working group 1 / Design and development
Theresa Bader, Clara Frey, Laura Hoepfner, Maximilian Münzloher, Stella Sommer

Working Group 2 / Content, communication and financing
Mirko Haselroth, Lisa Luksch, Anna-Maria Mayerhofer, Annkathrin Schumpe, Anna Trautmann

Working Group 3 / Supporting program and PR
Johannes Daiberl, Nora Hampf, Jonas Läufer, Lukas Vallentin, Lavinia Wagner

Head: Prof. Andres Lepik

During our planning, we remained in close contact with representatives of all chairs in order to coordinate the selection of works. The ARI (Architecture Research Incubator) was a great help to us in planning the supporting program. We also received support from the TUM Faculty of Architecture, especially from the managing directors Yolande Schneider and Martin Luce as well as Sophia Pritscher. Here, too, we would like to express our sincere thanks for all assistance. For the development of the website we worked together with mediaPool, many thanks also here for the implementation of our ideas. A big thank you also goes to all students and researchers, who enrich the AJA 2020 with their contributions.