Alongside the exhibition, we are showing a public AJA TV program on our YouTube channel. We have invited interesting personalities to share and discuss their perspectives on the many facets of the topic of Update Architektur! with us. In various discussion formats, we will exchange ideas with architects, local activists and students about current aspects of the city and architecture.

More detailed information can be found in the program.

Thursday 14/08

18.00 Uhr – Opening

Ceremonial opening of AJA 2020 by the curatorial team and Professor Andres Lepik. Introduction to the exhibition and insights into the new format of the Architecture Annual Exhibition at the TU Munich.

Forewords from Thomas Hofmann, President of the TU Munich, to the students of the Faculty of Architecture. to the video

Opening speech by Andreas Hild, the dean of the faculty of architecture. to the video

How to AJA – Digital tour of the exhibition on the new website. Insights into the curatorial idea and the structure of the website. to the video

19.15 Uhr – TalkTalkTalk

The ‘Stadtverbesserung Referat’ introduces itself. Insight into the joint development within the group and the basis of their projects. to the video

In the context of the AJA  of the TUM Faculty of Architecture, voices are being collected on the question of where in architecture and architecture teaching an update is needed. In the doctoral student pitches, doctoral students of the Faculty of Architecture present their research topic against the background of Update Architecture. to the video

The FOAM Network presents its agenda and the idea behind its work. The interdisciplinary and independent student initiative has made it its goal to discuss architectural topics critically and without images. to the video

20.15 Uhr – Umnutzen Wiederverwenden Umnutzen

Barbara Buser, architect from Basel, founder of Baubüro insitu and initiator of the first Bauteilböse in Switzerland, explains the themes that drive her and her colleagues with two of her projects. She talks about what makes the reuse of building components so important and what the challenges are. to the video

20.15 Uhr – WalkyTalky

A visit to the shop windows. Projects of the last semesters are presented in the city to the attentive observer. to the video

21.30 Uhr – Die Tonleiter

At the start of the AJA there will be a live set of Leisering and Zimmermann, to dance with much joy and distance.

Friday 14/08

9.00 Uhr – Designed to Adapt – ARI

ARI Morning talks of 5 min on how architectural practices, higher education and urban space change from yesterday to tomorrow. to the video

18.00 Uhr – Update Munich

The discussion will focus on the question in which areas Munich needs an update – and where it may already have one. From the point of view of our guests, what would Munich need to become a bit more ‘weird’ again – or does it even have to be? to the video

19.00 Uhr – Update Next Generation

For this discussion round we invited three young architects to talk with Prof. Lydia Haack from the BDA and moderator Prof. Thomas Auer about the opportunities and challenges of self-employment. How do you manage the balancing act between office and leisure? to the video

20.00 Uhr – WalkyTalky

A visit to the shop windows. Projects of the last semesters are presented in the city to the attentive observer. to the video

20.15 Uhr – Just Architecture

Gabu Heindl, architect and urban planner from Vienna, talks about the question for whom we actually plan and build. How accessible and inclusive are our public spaces really? Using examples from her own work, she addresses challenges with these issues in practice. to the video

21.15 Uhr – TalkTalkTalk

With the ‘Durch Die Wand’ videos, the student council has launched a round of introductions to the Mittelbau. Who are our assistants, where do they come from, what do they believe and hope? to the video

#bettertogether – students of architecture, landscape architecture and urbanism in conversation. What does the interdisciplinary exchange between the departments at the university look like? Do we need an update? to the video

21.45 Uhr – Evening Program

Speculation MA Studio _ Speculators do not have the best reputation. With reason,  so when it comes to economic enrichment at the expense of others. But architects should dream and speculate more than ever! Here are all positions on the topic from the summer semester. to the video

Saturday 15/08

18.00 Uhr – Update Caring for the planet

A panel discussion on the crucial questions, how will concern for the planet change our demands for good architecture of tomorrow and shape a new architectural aesthetic? Who will take care of our planet in the future? to the video

19.00 Uhr – Update Digitalisation

Will we build differently in the future and if so, what impact will this have on the real estate market? How will the digitalization push caused by the Corona crisis affect our built environment? These and more questions will be discussed in the panel discussion. to the video

20.00 Uhr – WalkyTalky

A visit to the shop windows. Projects of the last semesters are presented in the city to the attentive observer. to the video

20.15 Uhr – Neues Wohnen

Anne Julchen Bernhardt, architect from Cologne and founder of BeL, ‘Sozietät für Architektur’, talks about her thesis on the update in housing construction. How housing should change in the future and how her attitude towards architecture and urban development influences projects. to the video

21.15 Uhr – TalkTalkTalk

‘Die Städtischen’, a project of young people from different disciplines, present themselves and their projects in the city. to the video

Tolga B. and Konstantin M. have already gone beyond the scope of the university with a number of projects. Their latest project was an art exhibition in a normal supermarket as  graduation from their bachelor. What’s next? to the video

With the semester project they have found each other, now they are taking action in the urban space. ‘Die Lokalen Urbanen’, with the ambition to find “a common way into a local future”. to the video

21.45 Uhr – Die Tonleiter

The DJs Cloutboi Juli and Pink Stan will close the AJAtv 2020 with a set to round off the opening event. to the video