Mix it Up

Accra, the capital of Ghana is a booming city in West Africa. The semester task is to design a mixed-use building in Jamestown, a vibrant quarter which is one of the old- est and historically most important parts of the Ghanaian capital.

Jamestown is a diverse place with its popular boxing clubs, fishing harbor and mar- kets. Historical sites such as the Jamestown Fort, Jamestown Lighthouse and colo- nial houses coexist with informal structures side by side. The site is located by the seaside and High Street, one of Accras‘ main roads, thus offering a diverse potential for living, commercial, sports and leisure.

The aim of the studio ‘MIX IT UP’ is to design a multistorey building, which fulfills dif- ferent functions: it provides apartments suitable for Ghanaian families; gives space for commercial, such as shops and restaurants; complements the former uses with a community program e.g. sports facilities. The Sub-Saharan climate and the location of the project in a metropolitan lively city will lead to site-specific designs. Intelligent low-tech solutions are sought to keep the energy consumption as low as possible.

Projects of the Chair of Architectural Design and Participation develop a sensibility to contextual factors from which invention can arise. Conceptual thinking combines with a hands-on approach for site-specific solutions.

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